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Let me count the ways I love my KitchenAid Mixer!

1. Durability - aside from the oven, this piece of equipment gets the most use (and abuse) in my bakery. From whipping up giant batches of frosting, heavy doughs, and sticky batters, this mixer takes it all on in stride.

2. Size - because I bake in relatively small batches, I don't need a huge commercial mixer and this 5 quart model comfortably holds triple batches of cake batter and quadruple batches of frosting. I prefer the bowl lift models as opposed to the tilt-heads.

3. Speed - with 10 speed options, I can do everything from a slow stir for gently combining ingredients up to a full blown tornado for whipping meringue.

4. Cost - while the mixer is an investment, KitchenAid has never steered me wrong, and when it comes to stand mixers, you really do get what you pay for. Other brands just don't last like the KitchenAid does.